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Burnout – have you lost yourself?

Let’s talk about burnout. What caused your drive to drop lately? Not getting enough sleep or thinking too much about problems in your life? Whatever the cause may be, one thing is for sure: people who experience burnout are not fun to be with. And you wouldn’t want to be one of those people, right?…

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Are your Health Issues causing you Stress?

Health issues – whether aches or pain, hormonal changes or whatever else –  are sure to cause anyone stress. In fact, 40% of Australians consider personal health as well as maintaining good wellbeing to be significant causes of stress. If you’re feeling stressed out and you’re afraid that it’ll only help worsen your health, watch…

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My Magic Wand

I’m just wondering, have you tried anything lately that you thought would change how you’re feeling about your health? Perhaps a diet, pills, the latest exercise craze? Did any of them work? Or do you feel dissatisfied because none of them are actually effective? In this vlog, let’s talk about quick fixes and what you…

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Doubt and Your Health

Let’s get real. Is doubt keeping you from bringing your health to where you want it to be? Oftentimes, we understand that we need to change but we just don’t see the possibility of it happening in our lives. Does that resonate with you? So let’s talk. I’m here to help bring back your clarity and…

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